Ranked servers

What exactly is a Ranked server?
There has been a so-called Ranking system since Battlefield 2. Points an class="highlight">andan> awards gained during the game are saved an class="highlight">andan> this allows the player to be promoted in rank.  With each new rank, the player can unlock an class="highlight">andan> use an class="highlight">upan>grades for their character. This includes special weapons an class="highlight">andan> a range of equipment. You can view the respective ranking in Battlefield 2 an class="highlight">andan> Battlefield Bad Company in the BFHQ, an class="highlight">andan> from Battlefield 3 onwards, achievements are recorded in the Battlelog at <a href="http://www.battlelog.com">http://www.battlelog.coma>.
Ranking points are only saved on special servers, the so-called Ranked servers. These can only be operated an class="highlight">andan> offered by game server providers selected by Electronic Arts themselves. However, custom maps an class="highlight">andan> mods cannot be run on Ranked servers.


How can I access my Ranked server?
Ranked servers generally have no FTP access. This of course does not apply to non-Ranked game servers on the IP. Otherwise, Ranked servers are set as normal like our other servers using our web interface. For access to a running server, we offer BF2CC or Procon, depending on the game.

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