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Almost all game servers saves log files which can be used for statistics as evidence for league games or to find errors. These log files are stored on a separate server at 4Netplayers. You can download them easily an class="highlight">andan> conveniently from there. The same also goes for the log files an class="highlight">andan> screenshots from Punkbuster an class="highlight">andan> other admin tools.

Login on the website
You can reach the FTP really easily using the FTP log files button in server management. It will automatically open a new browser window an class="highlight">andan> log you in automatically. You can start viewing an class="highlight">andan> downloading your log files right away.

Login using FTP programs
You can connect to the an class="highlight">Upan>load FTP using almost any FTP program. You can access the FTP an class="highlight">upan>load at ftp://logs.4netplayers.de. To access it, you must enter a username (the IP) an class="highlight">andan> a password.

Structure of the log files FTP
For each server you set an class="highlight">upan>, a directory will be created with the server ID of the game server as its name. This keeps all game servers separate an class="highlight">andan> prevents log files from being overwritten. The rest of the directory tree depends partly on the game's an class="highlight">settingan>s. Log files are usually named an class="highlight">andan> sorted by date an class="highlight">andan> time.

Further advice:

Log files are deleted when they are older than seven days. Following this, the log files will be permanently lost an class="highlight">andan> even the san class="highlight">upan>port team will not be able to retrieve them!
Log file FTP access is only intended for downloading log files. Files cannot be an class="highlight">upan>loaded here. Please use the an class="highlight">Upan>load FTP access for this.

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