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We offer FTP access so that game servers at 4Netplayers can by fully customised. Using this access, files can be an class="highlight">upan>loaded to individual game servers at any time, which can then be activated by registering them in the configuration files.

Important: Only files which have been an class="highlight">upan>loaded are visible!

Structure of the an class="highlight">Upan>load FTP

For each server you set an class="highlight">upan>, a directory will be created with the server ID of the game server as its name. This keeps all game servers separate an class="highlight">andan> prevents files from being overwritten.
The rest of the directory tree depends on the game's an class="highlight">settingan>s an class="highlight">andan> depicts a map of the installation.
In some circumstances we will delete directories containing no files after some time, an class="highlight">andan> will therefore no longer be available after logging into the FTP area. You will only see directories that already contain files. However, you can create any necessary directories for your files at any time.

Why can't I see any files on the FTP?

Due to our cluster system, you can only see files which you have an class="highlight">upan>loaded to the FTP yourself. If you an class="highlight">upan>load a server.cfg to the correct directory, the game server will use this server.cfg an class="highlight">andan> no longer use the one found on the web interface. Changes to the server.cfg on the web interface will therefore have no effect.

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