Ranked servers

What exactly is a Ranked server?
There has been a so-called Ranking system since Battlefield 2. Points and awards gained during the game are saved and this allows the player to be promoted in rank.  With each new rank, the player can unlock and use upgrades for their character. This includes special weapons and a range of equipment. You can view the respective ranking in Battlefield 2 and Battlefield Bad Company in the BFHQ, and from Battlefield 3 onwards, achievements are recorded in the Battlelog at http://www.battlelog.com.
Ranking points are only saved on special servers, the so-called Ranked servers. These can only be operated and offered by game server providers selected by Electronic Arts themselves. However, custom maps and mods cannot be run on Ranked servers.


How can I access my Ranked server?
Ranked servers generally have no FTP access. This of course does not apply to non-Ranked game servers on the IP. Otherwise, Ranked servers are set as normal like our other servers using our web interface. For access to a running server, we offer BF2CC or Procon, depending on the game.

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