Where can I rent a SourceTV server from you?
You do not need to rent a SourceTV server as SourceTV is integrated into all games with the Source Engine. This option is also enabled with us, however SourceTV uses an additional slot on the server.

How can I connect to a SourceTV server?
There are three options for SourceTV here:

1. Go to the "Spectate" tab in Steam. Then select the desired game from the filter list. Find the desired server in the newly created server list and connect to it.
2. Go to the "Favorites" tab in Steam. Use Add server to enter the IP and the port of the server in the format IP:Port. Then simply connect to the indicated server.
3. Start the desired game and go to the console. There you should enter connect IP:Port and press ENTER.

How can I set up a SourceTV server on my server?
To do this, you need to enter the following values in the server.cfg file of the server:

* tv_enable 1 - turns SourceTV on.
* tv_name "Server name" - sets the SourceTV server name.
* tv_port 27020 - This set the server port. The standard port is 27020, but this can be changed.
* tv_delay 90 - sets the broadcast delay in seconds.
* tv_maxclients 10 - sets the maximum number of spectators. The higher this number is, the greater the stress that SourceTV has on the service performance
* tv_password "password" - sets a password to lock out unwanted spectators.

Then restart the server.

How can I record SourceTV demos?
Use tv_record to start a SourceTV demon, and tv_stoprecord to stop it. If you want an automatic recording, without SourceTV having spectators, you need to add the following entries to the server.cfg:

tv_enable 1
tv_autorecord 1
tv_maxclients 0

SourceTV demos are stored on our FTP Log area. Watching these demos is possible as normal with the corresponding game and demo interface.

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